“Work Hard & Play Hard”

Crave Culinary Arts:
Corporate Events

Many leaders embrace “Work Hard, Play Hard” as an informal motto to motivate employees and celebrate success. At Crave Culinary Arts, we take care of the hard part of planning cuisine for your next corporate retreat or executive meeting by handling all the details, from one multi-course dinner to a multi-day retreat with each meal and snack ready on your schedule.

We offer full service and buffet dinners featuring French classics, Italian feasts, flavors of Asia, Texas BBQ or any other culinary journey you wish to create. From boxed lunches and cocktail parties to platters and picnics for outdoor excursions, we can handle every aspect of your group’s meals and food needs. And we take care of the cleanup so your party can move on to what’s next.

When it’s time for team building, consider one of our events that bring synergy into the kitchen with hands-on experiences. Our version of the popular show “Chopped” pits teams against each other as they compete to make the winning version of a meal. Each group gets a basket of same ingredients with one mystery ingredient for each team. With timed stages for planning, executing and plating, the teams are judged on presentation, creativity and taste, with the victors earning boasting rights for at least the rest of the retreat. We also offer an interactive appetizer cooking class and a tutorial on wine and beer pairing. And we would be thrilled to work with you to create a unique and meaningful event that brings your team together.


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