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COEUR A LA CREME…..simply put, A heart of creme!

coeur a la creme

This quick and easy dessert proves great French food doesn’t require a tall hat and a fancy kitchen even though Coeur A La Creme was attributed to coming from the kitchen of Antoine Careme….undoubtedly the master of French haute cuisine.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. I say cream and cream cheese make the heart grow creamier. Sugar makes the heart grow sweeter. Some people have funny valentines, but I have French ones, and this year, I am making my own francophone version of a bleeding heart: Coeur à la Crème with Strawberry Sauce.

I love French terms of endearment for their idiosyncratic charm: mon petit chou (my little cabbage), ma puce (my flea), mon tresor (my treasure), ma poupee (my doll), and ma vie (my life). And while I suppose I could have made cabbage for Valentine’s Day, there is one title that we use en famille that I prefer, that is direct and true as love itself: mon coeur (my heart).

Coeur à la Crème is a traditional dessert that is, conveniently enough, almost always shaped as a heart. It is basically drained dairy, that is flavored and sweetened. The dairy varies from cream to cream cheese to crème fraîche to sour cream to yogurt. I use a combination of whipped cream and cream cheese, sweetened with sugar, peppered with vanilla seeds, and brightened with lemon zest. All around, as a light, pert complement to the thick and creamy heart, is a sea of deep red strawberry sauce.

So don your beret, make like Pepe Le Peu, and whip a bit of Valentine’s romance into your life. You can just spoon this up as it is, or dip little Petit Beurre biscuits in, or fresh berries. Don’t forget le champagne!

You can find the recipe here:

Bon Appetit!

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